ylow.blogspot.com was deleted end of May 2010, due to violations ... i will try & get most stuff back up here as time permits ... big shout out to the 908000+ visitors i recieved in 3.5 years from 215 countries! ... peace ;)

Monday, 31 May 2010

Siku Ya Christmas

Siku Ya Christmas

(1981) (vinyl rip)

A1 Habel Kifoto - Siku Ya Christmas
A2 Mbaraka Mwinshehe - Happy Christmas
B1 George Peter - Christmas No.2
B2 Tabu O'Susa - Yesu Masiah




rickdog said...

get cached items for old blog at Google reader, must be logged in:


DOOM said...

cool .. cheers for that; may come in useful ... i have been typing "site:ylow.blogspot.com" into google (followed by any other word if looking for anything specific), then looking at the cached pages --- this way i can highlight what i want, view the selection source, & repost the original post exactly as before! (i have saved the cached pages for every month but some busy months don't contain all posts)
.... amusingly, this deletion has just made me want to get back into posting more stuff! (although i now have another new baby to swallow my spare time!)

peace ;)